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Blende Property History

As early as 1905, Camsell and Keele, of the Geological Survey of Canada ascended Stewart and Beaver Rivers as far as the mouth of Braine Creek, just northwest of the Blende deposits at Mt. Williams. Silver and lead deposits were discovered in 1922 on McKay hill in the Upper Beaver River area shortly after the discovery of the rich silver deposits at Keno Hill. A staking rush occurred and many claims were staked (Cockfield 1924). Further exploration led to discovery of deposits on Silver Hill, Carpenter Hill and Grey Copper Hill (1923). Some of the first prospectors in the areawere J. Carpenter, J. McCluskey, E. Ervin, J.McLean, R. Fisher, L.B. Erickson, W.F. McKay and C. Beck.

Basic geological mapping was accomplished by Cockfield in 1924 (GSC Summary Report 1924 Part“A”). Considerable activity in the area was initiated by the development of the Keno Hill mines, andthe activity led to the discovery of numerous other showings in the area.

1961 - Mineralization at the Blende was originally noted by the Geological Survey of Canada in1961.

1975 - The property was staked in 1975 by Cyprus Anvil Mining Corp. as the Will claims. Cyprus Anvil completed geological mapping, sampling, and detailed silt and soil geochemical sampling later in the year.

1981 - Archer Cathro & Associates (1981) Ltd. restaked the property in April 1981 and conducted trenching and rock sampling from 1981 to 1984. Expenditures from 1981 to 1983 are said to be $22,500 (Franzen 1988).

1984 - Archer Cathro and Associates (1981) Limited and Norvista Development Ltd. completedgeological mapping, hand trenching and detailed trench sampling in 1984 (Cathro andCarne, 1984) with total expenditures of $33,000.

1985 - Inco Exploration Ltd optioned the property, tied on more Blende claims (YA77655) in Oct/84 and explored with mapping and sampling in 1985 before dropping the option. Their expenditures are not known.

1987 - NDU Resources Ltd. purchased the property outright in 1987. A comprehensive report was written in 1988 by Jeff Franzen, P.Eng. In 1988, NDU explored the property by mapping and hand trenching and later drilled 3 holes from one location totaling 718metres. The results were favourable with long intercepts of silver-lead-zinc mineralization and Franzen noted “”...The Blende property has potential to host a major lead-zinc-silver deposit. Based on the results (which are described in a subsequent section of this report) Franzen proposed a two stage comprehensive exploration program which was budgeted at approximately $7 million for both stages.

1989 - In 1989 NDU carried out further mapping, road construction, soil sampling, magnetic and VLF-EM surveys.

2004 - In 2004, Eagle Plains undertook prospecting and geological mapping surveys in addition to silt and soil geochemical analyses. The target area was the Far East Zone of the Blende deposit. Historic fieldwork had identified the target area, but failed to find an in-situ mineral occurrence. The program was successful in identifying a new in-situ mineral occurrence which led to additional claim staking in the Far East Zone. An assessment report detailing the 2004 program included recommendations for further work including additional prospecting and mapping in the Far East Zone. The total cost of the 2004 field program was $20,630.60. During this period, Eagle Plains also retained Barry Price, P.Geo.to review the historical data in detail, specifically to confirm that the historical resource estimates by Billiton and others conformed to the current National Instrument 43-101standards. Based on this review of the data Price determined that the historical resource calculations on the Blende deposit were accurate and methodologically sound and conform to a National Instrument 43-101 definition of an Inferred Mineral Resource.

2005 - 2005 work at the Blende project by Eagle Plains involved a 12 day field program under the direction of Robert J. Sharp, P.Geol. Fieldwork included relogging of historical drill core onsite, prospecting and sampling in the Far East Zone area, GPS surveying of some existingdrill collars and roads. During the course of the program, the property was visited by C.C.Downie,P.Geo, Exploration Manager, Eagle Plains Resources Ltd., Dr. Elizabeth Turner, Laurentian University, and Dr. Sarah Gleeson, University of Alberta. Late in the season, ashort helicopter supported gravity survey was completed on part of the property by Aurora Geosciences of Whitehorse, YT. The total cost of the 2005 field program was approximately $150,000.00.

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